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If you are a tea enthusiast then this is for you. Personally, I am a big fan of green tea and other organic teas, and it's not just for sipping. What do you do of the used tea bags? Probably discard them. Right?

Why waste them if there was something nice you could do with all those tea bags.

Let's discover 7 excellent ways to upcycle used tea bags.....

1 - Soak in the Shower

Did you know old tea bags can be used for a detox bath routine? You can either drop the used tea bags into your bucket or hang them on the faucet and let the water run through them. The tea leaves are full of antioxidants and natural nutrients which will leave your skin feeling soft and supple and the natural herbs can help your mind to calm and relax.

If you are looking for that extra goodness, use lavender, jasmine or chamomile tea for a nice scent. As a bonus, you can add Epsom salt or essential oils for further relaxation.

2 - Homemade Glass Cleaner

Used tea bags can be an effective homemade glass cleaner. Rubbing a damp tea bag or spraying weak tea from re-brewed tea bags onto mirrors, glass surfaces, windows, and even eyeglasses can get rid of dirt, fingerprints, and other gunk. Wipe it clean with a newspaper or a paper towel to get a sparkling effect.

3 - Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness

Put a used tea bag in the fridge to chill. Once done, place it on your closed eyes and hold them there for a few minutes. This will reduce puffiness around tired eyes and can also help relieve the pink eye. Under-eye skin is super sensitive. Placing damp tea bags can help to keep the skin tight and the tannins present in the tea will leave you looking all bright-eyed.

4 - Offset Household Odors

Used tea bags are also great for removing foul odors from your home. Once they are dried, place them in your wardrobe, drawers, shoes, and even your fridge. It helps to freshen it and keep it from smelling bad.

You can also drop a few into the empty dustbins to neutralize the bad smell of the waste.

5 - Degrease Dirty Dishes

No one likes greasy pans and dishes. If you suffer from cleaning those hard to clean greasy vessels, tea bags can come to your rescue. Fill the vessels with hot water and throw a used tea bag into it. Allow it to soak overnight and ta-da. You will be surprised to see how the tannins break down the oil by morning and save you from everlasting scrubbing.

6 - Natural Hair Conditioner

I am all for natural conditioners lately. It makes hair so shiny and gives a lustrous texture to them. The process is very simple. Use a couple of used tea bags to make a strong tea and let it cool completely. After you shampoo your hair, pour the tea on your hair and allow it to settle for about 10 mins and rinse with cold water. That's your tea treatment right there!

7 - Feed Your Plants

Teabags can be a great fertilizer for your indoor and hanging plants. Sprinkle the dried tea leaves into your garden, at the base of your plants, and you can also place a few at the bottom of your pots to fertilize the soil and prevent garden pests. It will also guard the plants against fungal infections.

Used tea bags can also be tossed into your compost pile to add nutrients to it.

So, these were some of the great ideas for re-using old teabags. However, these cannot be stored for long. Moist tea bags can be kept at room temperature for a day at the most. Just remember to make the most use of it when these are fresh and safe to use.

Comment and let me know if you know of some more ideas to re-use teabags...


See you next week :)

Keep Smiling, Be Healthy, and Be safe !!

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